Q1. My QuickBooks is not responding. What to do now?

Several possible causes may stop the functioning of your QuickBooks software which includes company name is too long, corrupted hard drive, damaged program files or operating system and much more.

To overcome the error, you can go to the following options:

  • Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks Refresher Tool
  • Solution 2: Rename the File
  • Solution 3: Generate a new Windows Admin User

Q2. Do I need to upgrade QuickBooks every year?

No, it is not necessary to upgrade to the new version of QuickBooks every year. We recommend all the QuickBooks users to upgrade the software every three years.

Q3. Do I have to pay monthly charges for QuickBooks?

Yes, you need to pay $26.95 per month which means you are paying $323 for one year. On the other hand, compared to the one-time $300 payment you would've made for QuickBooks Premier.

Q4. What to if I can’t find my QuickBooks License Number or Product Number?

QuickBooks sends an email containing your license and product numbers to the person who purchased the services. However, if you can’t access this information, try these steps:

  • To start with, open QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise on another computer.
  • Now, Press the F2 key or Ctrl+1 to open the Product Information screen.
  • After this, write down the License and Product numbers and then click Ok.

Q5. How do I restore my important company file?

To restore an important company file, follow the steps as under:

  • Explore the File menu and tap Open or Restore Company.
  • In the next step, choose to Restore a backup copy, and then click on the Next.
  • Finally, follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process.

Q6. What is the difference between QuickBooks Premium and Pro account?

QuickBooks Premier allows up to five users whereas QuickBooks Pro allows only three.

Q7. Can I use the QuickBooks software offline?

No, the software requires an internet connection to work smoothly, as it's cloud-based.

Q8. Can I access the QuickBooks desktop remotely?

Yes you can, by following these easy steps:

  • On your computer, launch a Web browser from which you need to access QuickBooks remotely.
  • Now, log into your account on the QuickBooks Remote Access website.
  • After this, click "Set up computer," to download the remote access tool installation file.
  • Finally, place a checkmark next to the applications to access the software remotely on the computer.

Q9. Can I install multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

Yes. You can install different versions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise on the same computer.

Q10. What should I do if I'm having trouble to install QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

  • Just restart your computer.
  • Now, close all open programs, including anti-virus programs: Open the Windows Task Manager, and then click the Applications tab, and close all open programs.
  • At last, try to install QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise again.

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